Bongard products



Conical Rounder ВС


  • Teflon coated cone
  • Epoxy gloss (food-grade) frame
  • Steel structure
  • Mounted on wheels with floor fixing
  • Moulding by 2 Teflon coated spirals
  • Integral flour duster
  • Sealed-for-life bear ings
  • Optional: TB1 outlet conveyor
  • Supply voltage : three phase 400 V 50 Hz


КBC moulder is machine designed "hand up" divided dough pieces, enabling first proving and regular proving. Placed between an automatic divider and intermediate proofer. The rounding favours a homogeneous intermediate and final  proofing. The BC moulder is designed for firm dough and tight moulding.



DVP « Piston » type volumetric divider


The DVP volume divider is an automatic machine designed to divide dough into dough pieces.
Its use  is professional. It  is easy to use with external controls which can vary the  weight, the hourly rate and number of dough pieces.  It is particularly recommended for French-style dough.
The DVP  is available with accessories, like the rounding device on outfeed conveyor (outlet on left or right) or motorised flour duster. When installed with one of the pre-rounding devices, it must have a motorised flour duster and woven belt. It comes with a ser ial connection for the automatic bread plants Medio and Delta.


Operating principle

Once transfered into the hopper, the dough is sucked by a depression created by the sliding of
a piston  into an osc illating drum. The  weight var iation  in the  outgoing dough pieces r esults
from the adjustment of the volume of the chamber located in the drum.



  • Stainless steel hopper for 160 kg dough
  • Loading height 1540 mm,
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Hopper with security grid
  • Dough piece count-down counter
  • ABS cover


  • Volume and output adjusted at the front of the machine
  • Mounted on castors
  • Output: from 900 to 1800 p/h
  • Supply voltage : 400 V 3 PH 50 HZ

Major inclined Moulder


The Major moulders are machines designed to mould and extend dough pieces. With their variants and options, they fit on a stand, dough piece rest, table and out-feed conveyor, and fully integrate into semi-automatic and automatic first
prover units.

Centred by an infeed gutter (model Major) or dragged by a laminated plan (model Major Alpha), the dough piece is easily and accurately laminated and moulded through two antiadhesive coated cylinders, then rolled under a load conveyor. The use of a sheeting belt with a inclined and adjustable support from horizontal to 40° (model Major Alpha) provides more speed to the laminating/sheeting operation.

The smooth and gradual moulding process is carried out between two wool felt conveyor belts rotating in reverse direction.

Grouping the controls and safety features favours a using comfort. Easy setting thanks to human oriented handles
fitted with indicators. Low noise level (58 dBA) favours good working atmosphere.



  • Cast aluminium frame
  • Fired, epoxy painted cladding and in-feed chute
  • ABS casing
  • Grooved belt drive
  • Quiet running
  • NF HSA  label
  • Moulding belt 100 % pure wool treated with water repellent


  • Specification depending on use
  • Tiltable sheeting belt (model Major Alpha)
  • Right-hand control as standard
  • Optional left-hand electrical controls, pinning andstretching
  • Electrical control box on Manu and Standard model,optional on Auto
  • Supply voltage : 3 PH + N 400 V 50 Hz


Mercure 3 Hydraulic divider with rectangular bowl


Oil tank capacity: 17 litres (special hydraulic movement oil). The Mercure 3 divider’s rectangular bowl ensures that each piece of dough is identical in shape by an even distribution of the dough, thus guaranteeing the consistent weight of each dough piece.

Thanks to the double sloping edge of their knives, Mercure 3 dividers avoid any unnecessary pressure on the dough whilst cutting, and solve the problems of tearing caused by traditional knives.

The cubic geometry of the dough pieces, due to the form of the Mercure 3 divider’s bottom plate, gives a better quality of rounding of the piece of dough.

With the silent function the Mercure  3 starts automatically when moving the distributor handle, allowing to work in a
quiet atmosphere.


  • Mercure 3 20 : 20 divisions
  • Mercure 3 24 : 24 divisions
  • Non-stick underside of lid
  • Rectangular food-grade alloy bowl
  • Double milled knife for a perfect cut
  • Bowl edge machined to incorporate air escape vents
  • Lid locked by drop-forged cam
  • Pressure provided by a double acting hydraulic system
  • Cast aluminium ram support frame
  • Motors fitted with thermistors
  • Trip switch with low power cut-out
  • Option of fitting a bun grid
  • Motor powering a hydraulic pump fed by a 19 dm³ oil tank
  • Frame mounted on directional castors, two of them with brakes
  • Epoxy painted (food-grade) bowl walls made of stainless steel
  • The smooth surface (natural polyamide) of the single unit
  • sliders prevents dough from sticking to the tray, ensuringimproved hygiene and easier cleaning
  • One-piece sliders prevent dough from sticking, ensuring improved hygiene and easier cleaning.
  • Safety use
  • Supply voltage : three phase 400 V 50 Hz


Spiral mixers with fixed bowl



Mixing is the 1st bread-making operation that mixes the raw materials and makes the dough.  Bongard sp iral mi xers  Spiral are used in  the manual m ixing  process  including the following  phases : mixing the ingredients in a dough mass, cutting the dough for homogenization, consistency, sof tness  and elasticity,  stretching and oxygenation to improve dough whiteness,  increase its extendibility and fineness. For professional use, they are ideal for all types of dough.



Operating Principle

The different  ingredients a re  placed  in the  m ixing bo wl. The 1 st speed is  u sed  for in itial blending of ingredients. The 2nd speed is used to cut, stretch and air the dough. The different  controls offer the possibility of manual or automated management.


  • Epoxy painted body (food grade) on castors
  • Stainless steel arm, bowl and dividing blade
  • Hot-formed anti-shock ABS top cover.
  • Electronic control with high resistant membrane on  keyboard
  • Mixing time setting for 1st and 2nd speed
  • Spiral 50 and Spiral 70 have a single common motor for bowl and spiral
  • The other models are fitted with two motors : one for the bowl and one for the spiral
  • Power supply : 400V  3 PH 50 Hz (on Standard models)

Current models

Stainless steel safety grid
  • Type E : see description above
  •  Type M : see description above



SF Manuel sheeter with conveyor belt on mobile base



The SF manual sheeter enables any type of dough to be turned and pinned A particular attention has been paid to the conception and the carrying out of their main parts to grant very good productions and excellent quality of rolling, fine, precise and always regular. The large diameter of the two rolling cylinders (80 mm)
grants a better dragging of dough avoiding is sticks to them.

The rolling thickness is very well controlled thanks to the easy adjustment of the rolling cylinders by means of : a
control lever opening and closing them, a endless adjustment hand wheel and graduated scale, clear and easy to
read, for the manual sheeter ; a computer able to manage up to working programmes settable by customers and early cycle end device for the semi-automatic sheeters.

The automatic insertion of the differentiated speed between the entry and the exit conveyor belt, the first one 35%
slowed in comparison to the second one, avoids possible dough obstructions, stretching and tearing at the rolling


  • On pivoting castors
  • Epoxy painted (food-grade) structure
  • Hand or foot reversal
  • 24 V control circuit
  • Easily removable non-stick scrapers
  • Flour container in food-grade plastic
  • 60 mm pinning rolls in hard chrome steel
  • Working width : 500 or 600 mm
  • Belt length : 
    SF 500 N: 700 mm
    SF 500 L and SF 600 N: 1000 mm
    SF 600 l and SF 600 LT: 1400 mm
  • Roll opening : 40 mm
  • Models SF 600 LT include the 2-speed cutting device (without tool) on the left (on the right to order)
  • Liftable belts
  • Polyurethane belt
  • Stainless steel safety grid
  • V-belt drive
  • Supply voltage: three phase 400 V 50 Hz


BFE - Final proofer


  • 60 mm  thick isothermal Panels.
  • Constituted by modular panels assembled by eccentric hooks
  • The panels are realized in polyurethane foam, of density
    40 kg / m3
  • Sheet metal coating, inside aluminium of 8/10 thickness pre lacquered, painted and coated with a protective polyethylene covering
  • Handle on the left unless otherwise specified
  • Full Doors (same constitution as panels with single or/and double door)
  • Cells characterized by their internal width 
    (800, 1000, 1200, etc...).
  • It is possible to juxtapose them.
  • Panels of the surrounding wall fitted into a base belt made of PVC of 30 mm height fixed to the floor
  • Inside lighting
  • Power supply : 400 V (3 PH + N + T) 50 Hz


  • Fermentation chamber for racks 400/460 x 800 ,600 x 800,
  • 700 x 900 , 800  x 1000 mm
  • Electromechanical Regulation
  • Electromechanical hygrostat
  • Humidity setting from 30 to 99 %


  • Electronic hygrostat with electronic regulation
  • Insulated floor with stainless steel ramp
  • Stainless steel interior and isothermal hot electro-plated zinc exterior panels, pre-lacquered, painted and coated with a protective polyethylene covering
  • Stainless steel (5/10) interior and exterior
  • Door with window



Rotary oven 8.64 Е


Rotary oven 8.64 E is designed for baking bread as well
as confectionery. Versatile and compact.

Operating principle

8.64 furnaces are the latest technological invention of Bongar, made of the most modern materials. Combines all characteristics necessary for good baking Constant air flow makes polyvalent oven, ensuring uniform quality and availability flexibility to use. Its steam generator ESG is patented by Bongard and provides greater steam production.





  • All stainless steel brushed tool holders,
  • Door blade
  • bumper protection order,
  • switch


  • 150 mm with double anchors
  • door seals on four sides
  • oversized hinges
  • ventilated double glazed removables
  • ergonomic handle

Baking camera

  • all stainless steel
  • floor with raised edges 45 °
  • Adjustable blowing slot
  • managing the flow of air technology Soft Flow''''
  • halogen lights
  • drive gear motor with torque limiter

Steam generator

  • ESG''modules''cast micro structured
  • Multilevel Injector


  • high performance
  • stainless steel refractory
  • resistance stainless steel high-performance


  • 2 electric valves
  • Programmable steam extraction


  • panels by crossed rock wood


Convection ovens


Krystal is an electric convection oven designed to bake all types of breads, pastries and Danish products. Available in 4 or 9 trays - 400 x 600 or 400 x 800 - it can be configured with or without steam generator depending on the user's requirements.

Operating principle

Products to be baked are placed in corrugated baking trays or pastry pans then loaded in the convection oven.  Hot air circulates evenly all over the baking chamber thanks to ventilator(s) located at the rear of the baking chamber. High quality steam in sufficient quantity allows baking of all types of product, even the most hydrated like choux pastries, éclairs, etc.


  • 46.4, 46.9 for 400 x 600 pans
  • 48.4 and 48.9 for 400 x 800 pans
  • Number of decks : 4, 9 or 10 depending on models
  • Useful height of baking chamber : 600 or 800 mm


Convection oven Electrical



  • 46.4, 46.9 and 64.4  : 400 x 600 mm plates

  • 48.4 and 48.9 : 400 x 800 mm Number of decks : 4 or 9 depending on models


  • Door opening on the right or on the left.
  • Electronic control Opticom on the right or on the left.
  • Optional hood with steam extractor
  • Alternative way of ventilation for a perfect and even cooking
  • Oven equipped with castor and fitted on stands or cabinet
  • depending on model
  • Halogen lightning in the door


  • Oven front in polished stainless steel
  • Cooking chamber in stainless steel 1.5 mm thick
  • Performant insulation by crossed rock wool panels.
  • Ergonomic door handle
  • Double steam generator, in structured cast iron, allowing
    steam injection without convection (for oven with steam ex-
  • Baking water discharge plug
  • Motorised steam vent
  • Tempered glass
  • Electrical resistances armoured with stainless steel 3 years

Modular Deck Ovens - Soleo EVO

These two modular deck ovens are ideal for backing any dough products. The left photo is the oven designed for bakery and the right - for pastry. Both ovens are designed for optimal space for placing baking trays. The pastry version is made for gentle baking of various party products while the bakery version is the ideal solution for master bread makers.




  • Baking area: from 0,5 to 1,98 m² (per deck and depending on model)
  • Useful height per deck: 180 or 225 mm
  • Number of decks: 1 – 5
  • Baking trays 400 x 600 mm for all models
  • Baking trays 460 x 660 mm for all models